Hawaiian Flowers Meanings

Hawaiian flowers can be used to convey many different messages. Some symbolize friendship, others symbolize beauty and some even symbolize intense, burning passion. This is what these beautiful Hawaiian flowers mean.

Plumeria flowers represent birth and love. They also symbolize springtime and new beginning. They smell amazing and are often used in leis. In the past, only royalty would have been allowed to wear these flowers, since they smell so good. But nowadays, everyone can wear these wonderfully fragrant blossoms.

Hibiscus flowers symbolize beauty and that is why they are worn by women here in Hawaii. But you have to look carefully to determine their true meaning. How they are worn can dictate two very different meanings and getting this wrong can have comedic consequences. When a hibiscus is worn behind the left ear, this indicates that a woman is married. But when worn behind the right ear, this indicates that a woman is available and looking for a man. So never wear them behind both ears or you will send mixed signals.

Bird of Paradise

Bird of Paradise flowers kind of look like flying birds. And we all know that flying birds are happy, ergo these flowers represent joyfulness. These flowers have taken up residence in Hawaii, but they are originally from South Africa. Since nothing represents freedom like a bird in flight. I think that these flowers also represent freedom and liberty. And with the end of apartheid South Africa is also becoming freer. These flowers are also associated with the 9th wedding anniversary.

Red Ginger
Red ginger flowers can grow to impressive sizes. They almost look like green spears tipped with flaming red pinecones. They convey diversity, tolerance and wealth. They are often used to produce stunning flower arrangements. Their deep red color can also symbolize a burning passion and romantic love.

Orchids are grown throughout Hawaii and the Big Island is sometimes called the Orchid Isle because so many orchids are grown here. Orchids symbolize exquisite and rare beauty, and also luxury. In more ancient times, in Greece, they also symbolized virility. They are often used as flowers for the 14th wedding anniversary.